From the recording Closet Casualty


1. Closet Casualty

What can you do in there?
All sorts of things, you can turn the light on
or keep it dark, can even put a doorbell out.
Won’t be taken by surprise, you can make em’ ring.

Such things to do, well, you can stand there
being what ever kind of closet loss you decide to be
taking your time you peel of each care fleeing a life
that’s such a tease with it’s shallow and bored disease.

Cherish and hold the time, scrape off the cream
it’ll be so clean as you glide, into a void so strong
vessels bursting from the shit you brought along.

Sucked out, dulled in, still give no choice
walls lined in mirrors, hung to the tone of your solo voice
alone all future little past all the same your soul to outlast.

Make up for time you never missed.
Feel yourself, someone else, change it all with a lick
got to find a way out of here, you can’t spend your life forever
and you know you got it locked up, oh now you got to go and
change your luck, yeah, got to find your way there.

1973 Falloonium Music ASCAP
2008 Blue-Whte Fire Music ASCAP