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Laser Pace: Credits

Laser Pace

Maureen O’Connor: Vocals, Guitars, Synthesizer, Mellotron, Piano

Doug Decker: Bass, Buchla Synthesizer, Mellotron

John "Chris" Christensen: Vocals, Drums, Percussion

Larry Parsons: Fender Rhodes, Piano, Organ, Synthesizer

Jim Divisek: Buchla Series 100 Synthesizer with 200 Osc. and Keys

Carl Van Young: Clavinet

Larry Wolf: Soprano Sax

Weldon: Drums

George Belle: Percussion

Recording Engineers:
Doug Decker, George Belle, Jim Divisek @ United/Western Recording, Hollywood CA

Cover Art: Chas. “Uriah” Bennett

All Songs Copyright: 1973, Falloonium Music, ASCAP
Released: 1974, Takoma Records, Inc.
Current Copyright: Blue-White Fire Music, ASCAP